Saturday, September 22, 2012

UK: The Romney reboot that wasn't

The Economist

The relaunch that wasn’t

Mitt Romney’s video gaffe is not fatal. But he needs to recover his focus fast

Nonetheless, all the fuss about Mr Romney’s gaffes has hindered him from disseminating his own message, and has clearly unsettled the Republican grandees on whom he relies for donations and logistical support. Since midsummer, Mr Romney has been trying to quell anxiety on the right that his singled-minded strategy of harping endlessly about the poor state of the economy was insufficient to unseat Mr Obama. His campaign at first dismissed the carpers as “bedwetters”. But it has since resorted to all manner of gestures to accommodate them, from the selection as his running-mate of Paul Ryan, an outspoken advocate of entitlement reform, to this week’s instantly forgotten relaunch.

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