Saturday, September 29, 2012

UK: The future of the Republican party


The Republicans will massacre each other after Mitt Romney loses


This week it was announced that Mormon supporters of Mitt Romney are promoting a day of mass fasting and prayer to seek divine help for the Republican candidate in the upcoming Presidential debates. He’ll need it.
The question is no longer whether Mitt Romney loses the election. The really interesting conundrum is: what will happen to the Republican party when he does?
When Barack Obama’s reelection is confirmed – at an increasingly early hour – on the night of 6 November, it will mean the GOP has managed to secure a popular majority only once in the past quarter of a century. When the Democrats had a similarly disastrous run from 1968 until 1992 they were seen to be flirting with extinction.
Let’s glance a little deeper into the crystal ball. This election was held against the backdrop of a struggling economy. None of the predictions I have seen suggest the global or US economy is likely to still be teetering on the edge of recession in four years' time. Which means that the next Republican candidate is probably going to have to try wresting the White House from the grip of a Democratic party that can point to a strong and sustained record of growth. Given Mitt Romney’s abject failure to capitalise on an economic downturn, how confident are Republicans that their next candidate will prevail when it really is morning again in America? 

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