Saturday, September 1, 2012

UK: Romney hits the campaign trail

The Guardian

Confident Romney hits the road after mixed response to presidential pitch

Mitt Romney visits Louisiana on first full day as official GOP nominee after 'workmanlike' speech to Republican convention

Reaction to the biggest speech of his political career – his address to the party convention in Tampa, Florida – was mixed, in large part because of a shambling warm-up performance by Oscar-winning actor Clint Eastwood. The actor disrupted the carefully choreographed convention schedule with with a surreal discussion with an empty chair representing Barack Obama.

Republican strategists described Romney's 40-minute speech as "competent" and "solid" rather than inspirational, but insisted that it would play well with the tens of millions of viewers watching at home. Alex Castellanos, a Republican consultant and media commentator, said Romney had ticked all the boxes. "I thought he did a workmanlike job," he said.

A former member of the Bush administration, speaking after the speech in Tampa, described it as "homely" and low-key but said it would resonate with voters tired with Obama's soaring rhetoric.

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