Sunday, September 16, 2012

UK: After the riots

The Guardian

US agents quiz fraudster over links to anti-Islam movie that led to murder

Libya promises to seek out killers who used riot as cover for ambassador's killing, but Barack Obama comes under increasing pressure to take action

Four suspects have been arrested but their identities are being kept secret, part of a disjointed investigation that is symptomatic of the chaos that continues a year after the revolution. What evidence there might have been at the consulate has been trampled by sightseers. Two wounded attackers are being treated in a city hospital but have not been interviewed, with local police fearing to confront the Sharia militia who stand guard around the building. And Libya has yet to give permission for an FBI team dispatched to Libya to work in Benghazi.

But anxiety about the attack is everywhere in this city. "It is chaos, only chaos, we need the United Nations here," said Mailand Saad, a local businessman. "We need to defeat these bloody people, these extremists."
More than 600 community leaders gathered on Saturday at a conference, the Committee of the Wise People of Benghazi, to promise help in finding the militants. Conference organiser Alem Ali said leaders had agreed a joint demand that rogue militias must surrender or be disarmed by force. "If they do not join legitimate armed forces, the tribes have authorised the government to take action."

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