Thursday, September 6, 2012

Israel: Stop quarrelling and get busy


Bibi and Obama under the same bus

If Obama and Netanyahu don't come to their senses soon, they will go down in history as the men who quarreled like children instead of working together against a common danger.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney says that Barack Obama threw Israel under the bus. But Romney is wrong. Obama threw Obama under the bus. Why? Because in 2009, the newly elected U.S. president faced a clear challenge: to stop Iran's nuclear program without attacking Iran. 

On one hand, Obama couldn't allow himself to let Iran go nuclear. A nuclear Iran would mean a nuclear Middle East, a nuclear world and international chaos. On the other hand, Obama couldn't allow himself to go to war with Iran. Due to his own worldview, as well as the traumas of Afghanistan and Iraq, an aggressive confrontation with the Shi'ite powerhouse simply wasn't in the cards.

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