Friday, August 3, 2012

Canada: After questionable trip, Romney dogged by taxes at home

PJ:  I must admit that I am not impressed with Senate Majority leader Harry Reid's claim which according to him is based on something someone told him.  He doesn't identify the individual and he doesn't offer any kind of proof of why people should listen.  This type of  negative campaigning will backfire and Mr. Reid's reputation should suffer for it.  If he has credible proof then put it on the table. If he is simply passing along a rumor then he is guilty of the same type of deceitful politics that he accuses his opponents of playing. 
Toronto Sun

Taxes again dog Romney on return to U.S. trail

By Sam Youngman, Reuters

GOLDEN, COLO. - Questions about his personal taxes again dogged Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday, his first day back on the U.S. campaign trail after a rocky trip abroad.
Romney promised to create 12 million jobs and ease the economic plight of middle-class Americans on a visit to swing-state Colorado, but he had to fend off an accusation by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he may not have paid taxes for a decade-long period.

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