Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canada: Romney picks Ryan

The Toronto Star

Romney running mate Paul Ryan vows to fix ‘debt, doubt and despair’ of Obama era

 By Mitch Potter

Widely regarded as a next-generation lightning rod of American conservatism, Ryan takes the vice-presidential slot steeped in controversial budget policies that would place some of the country’s most cherished social programs, include Medicare and Social Security, on the chopping block to solve the American fiscal crisis.


Yet Ryan is also seen as a genial, even guileless figure by many on Capitol Hill, despite the severity of his budget remedies. And unlike Sarah Palin, who rocked the American political landscape four years ago with her arrival as John McCain’s running mate, Ryan speaks in complete sentences — even if those sentences involve a complete remaking of the American social safety net. Then it was Mama Grizzly, this time it’s Friendly Reaper.

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