Thursday, August 9, 2012

Canada: Romney trailing in White House bid but family has McDonalds for life

The National Post

Mitt Romney sluggish in new poll but at least his family has free McDonald’s for life

Josh Visser

A new poll suggests that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is slumping in the polls, despite weak economic numbers that should be helping him in his attempt to unseat U.S. President Barack Obama.

While 40% of voters surveyed in the Washington Post-ABC News had a favourable opinion of Romney — a number unchanged from May — more voters said they had a negative view of Romney, 49% compared to 45% previously.

The same poll had Obama in positive territory, with 53% of those surveyed having a favourable opinion and 43% with a negative opinion.

Meanwhile, an effort for multimillionaire Romney to seem more relatable to the average American took an odd turn Tuesday.

The former Massachusetts governor has made his love for fast food well-known on the campaign trail but his story about childhood trips to McDonald’s doesn’t exactly align with most customers of the chain.
Speaking to an audience in Chicago, Romney said as a young boy he looked through his father’s dresser drawers. There he found that his dad, former Michigan governor George Romney, had a card entitling him to free McDonald’s hamburgers for life.

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