Monday, August 13, 2012

Israel: How US Jews view the Ryan pick


U.S. Democratic Jews: Choice of Ryan as VP shows Romney doesn't champion Jewish values

NJDC warns of 'alarming partnership' between Romney and Ryan; Republican Jewish Coalition lauds pick of 'pro-Israel' congressman.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

The NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council) on Sunday released a statement in response, saying the move was the clearest indication yet that Romney does not champion American Jewish values. 

"Ryan's signature budget plan drew the profound concern and even ire of many in the American Jewish community because of its plans to end Medicare as we know it, slash vital social safety net programs and increase the burden on seniors, the middle class, and the poor - yet Romney today proudly hitched his horse to Ryan's dangerous plan," the organization added. 

However, the statement wasn't the only reaction of U.S. Jews to the new Republican ticket: The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) hailed Romney's pick. 

In another statement released Sunday, RJC director Matt Brooks said that Romney and Ryan were "right to reject the notion that America is doomed to economic stagnation and a loss of influence around the world."

Read it at Haaretz"

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