Thursday, August 2, 2012

Israel: Obama and Iran


Yes, Obama can

The key to preventing disaster is not in the IDF chief of staff's hands but in the hands of the U.S. president.

By Ari Shavit

A speech in which the U.S. president stands before the citizens of the United States and its allies and says - it's on me. I will not ignore your existential needs nor abandon our strategic interests, nor let Iran become a nuclear power. In my name and in the name of Mitt Romney and the bipartisan leadership, I hereby pledge that in the course of 2013 America will paralyze the Iranian centrifuges that could bring an historic catastrophe on us all.

If Obama delivers an Iran speech in this spirit in the coming weeks, he will vindicate himself. He will prevent an Israeli strike, send a powerful message to the Iranians and establish his status as a world leader. His election for a second term will be almost certain.

But if Obama buries his head in the sand even now, he will be taking on a chilling risk. One morning he may wake up to discover the Middle East is going up in flames and the United States is submerged in serious trouble.

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