Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Israel: Obama's real support of Israel


Obama: real actions, not bluster, in support of Israel

Obama has not adopted the swagger and bravado of his predecessors in terms of his support for Israel – he has simply done it. His practical and deliberate support for Israel make redundant the verbal attacks and innuendos about him spread by his opponents.

By Edgar M. Bronfman

I have always held the well-being of the Jewish people close to my heart. On its behalf, I have engaged countless heads of state on matters relating to the Jewish people and the State of Israel. I traveled through Israel’s borders as Scud missiles rained all around; stood beside the smoldering ashes of the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires after Iranian terrorists destroyed them; and stared down the Soviet regime to successfully negotiate the release of Jewish political prisoners.

Throughout those efforts and many more, I came to value the importance of having a strong ally in the White House who is firmly committed to the safety and security of the Jewish State. President Barack Obama is such an ally and his steadfast support for the Jewish State has made it safer and more secure than ever before.

Today, President Obama is leading a renewed commitment by the United States to ensure that Israel remains safe and secure, with the independent ability to defend itself from external threats. Although the United States has a long tradition of providing military support to Israel, under President Obama, financial aid to Israel is at its highest levels ever. And while many in Washington are calling for budget cuts, President Obama has made clear that domestic belt-tightening would not jeopardize defense funding for Israel.
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