Thursday, August 9, 2012

Israel: Romney slams Kibbutz movement which had an instrumental part in the establishment of Israel


Romney: The United States isn't a kibbutz

Speaking at a Chicago fundraiser, the Republican candidate evoked the Jewish collectives in comparison to American individualism.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney criticized the kibbutz movement in a Chicago fundraiser on Tuesday, the website Buzzfeed reported.

"It’s individuals and their entrepreneurship which have driven America. What America is not a collective where we all work in a Kibbutz or we all in some little entity, instead it’s individuals pursuing their dreams and building successful enterprises which employ others and they become inspired as they see what has happened in the place they work and go off and start their own enterprises."

Romney, who visited Israel last week, expressed strong support for Israel in several speeches both during his visit to Israel and back in the United States.

The Kibbutz movement, a great network of agricultural collectives that played an instrumental part in the establishment of Israel, was founded on Socialist ideology.

Read it at Haaretz

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