Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Israel: Rule number one: do no harm

PJ:  In Romney's recent op-ed (as referenced at the end of the following column), he pointed to 'freedom' as  an important factor in a culture's ability to prosper but did not reference the lack of freedoms, equal rights and opportunities that the Palestinian people have been denied under decades of Israeli occupation:

In an op-ed published at "The National Review", titled "Culture does matter," Romney made quite clear he is not about to apologize - he admitted his comments stirred some controversy, and asked: "But what exactly accounts for prosperity if not culture?.... The linkage between freedom and economic development has a universal applicability. .... Like the United States, the state of Israel has a culture that is based upon individual freedom and the rule of law. It is a democracy that has embraced liberty, both political and economic. This embrace has created conditions that have enabled innovators and entrepreneurs to make the desert bloom". However, Romney mentioned that "Israelis, Palestinians, Poles, Russians, Iranians, Americans, all human beings deserve to enjoy the blessings of a culture of freedom and opportunity." 


Obama campaign: Romney failed the first rule of overseas trips – do no harm

The British ridiculed Romney for questioning London’s Olympics preparedness; during his visit to Israel, he infuriated Palestinians with remarks they deemed 'racist.'

By Natasha Mozgovaya
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney Tuesday wrapped up his six-day trip to Britain, Israel and Poland, which received mixed reviews at best. The British press ridiculed him for questioning London’s Olympics preparedness and appearing to forget British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband’s name; during his visit to Israel, he infuriated Palestinians with remarks they deemed “racist” and “unacceptable,” and in Poland it was left to Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka to fill the gaffe quota by advising reporters to “kiss my ass.” 

Read it at Haaretz:

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