Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Israel: Stop making Middle East conflict worse


Thomas Friedman: Romney's visit to Israel was all for Adelson's money

Stop making the Middle East conflict worse for your own political gain, urges NYT columnist of U.S. politicians, 'They can make enough trouble for themselves on their own.'

Romney's "whole trip [to Israel] was about how to satisfy the political whims of right-wing, super pro-Bibi Netanyahu, American Jewish casino magnate Sheldon Adelson," New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote Tuesday in a new op-ed. 

"There are real lives at stake out there," he wrote, "If you're not going to do something constructive, stay away." 

In his column published on Tuesday, "Why Not in Vegas?", Friedman writes that the Republican presidential candidate's whole trip to Israel was about money. 

Friedman wrote: "Why didn’t they just do the whole thing in Las Vegas? I mean, it was all about money anyway — how much Romney would abase himself by saying whatever the Israeli right wanted to hear and how big a jackpot of donations Adelson would shower on the Romney campaign in return."
The New York Times columnist asserted that the Republicans are doing more harm than good to Middle East peace by making Israel a wedge issue. 

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