Sunday, August 5, 2012

UK: Ann Romney's horse outperforms Mitt in London

The Independent

Mitt Romney's missus Ann cheers her £1m tap-dancing wonder horse

No major gaffes from horse owned by Republican candidate's wife

Tom Peck

It would be fair to say that the United States presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's recent visit to London will not be remembered for its light-footedness.

That a tap-dancing horse should have come to play such a significant role in the battle for the presidency of the US is not as surprising as it should be. Rafalca, a dressage horse owned by the Republican candidate's wife, Ann, has become the subject of much derision across the pond.

Those with an interest in the rather expensive and rather odd sport of dressage, in which horses are commanded to prance up and down to music, under the judges' critical eye, might not, it has been suggested, have all that much in common with the man on Main Street.

Either way, Ms Romney, who watched from the stands at Greenwich Park, could be confident that Rafalca's performance couldn't possibly go as badly as her husband's on the "Romneyshambles", as his visit to the capital last week has been dubbed.

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