Thursday, August 2, 2012

UK: Attempts at US voter suppression?

The Independent

Florida illegally purges foreign voters from electoral roll

Several Republican states are eliminating voters likely to favour Barack Obama

David Usborne

In the latest exchange of fire in an increasingly fierce war over voting rights in America that risks distorting the outcome of this year's presidential election, the US Justice Department has served notice to Florida that it is breaking the law by attempting to "cleanse" its voter rolls of foreign citizens.

Florida is in the vanguard of a group of states, most of them controlled by Republicans, taking steps to tighten eligibility requirements for citizens intending to vote in November in the name of eliminating fraud from an electoral system they say is hopelessly faulty. Democrats and civil rights advocates, on the other hand, say it is part of a grand design to suppress voting among constituencies likely to favour President BarackObama.
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