Friday, August 10, 2012

UK: Controversial Obama ad

The Guardian

Romney joins criticism of pro-Obama ad linking Bain cuts to woman's death

Super Pac refuses to pull ad that has spurred widespread disapproval from Republicans who call it a new campaign low

Mitt Romney joined a growing chorus of criticism over a pro-Barack Obama ad linking the Republican candidate's time at Bain Capital to the death of a woman from cancer.

Conservatives expressed disgust at the ad, describing it as despicable and a new low in the campaign. Romney's former Republican rival, Newt Gingrich, said it was "truly tragic" that such an ad should be running in a presidential campaign.

One of the main Super Pacs backing Obama re-election efforts, Priorities USA Action, released the ad on Tuesday evening. But in spite of the heavy criticism, the group is refusing to back down and will go ahead with plans to run it in swing states.

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