Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UK: Does Romney really shop for "hardware stuff" and groceries cause he has friends coming over?

The Guardian

Mitt Romney's big fat Greek yogurt

By Oliver Burkeman

'Pool' coverage of the Republican candidate's every move just started … and the prospective president went grocery shopping

At the Columbia Journalism Review, Brendan Nyhan seems to place the blame largely on the media: by fixating on Romney's gaffes, he argues, they trigger further opacity from the campaign, then risk "letting their grievances fuel pathological coverage" by finding more gaffes, and so on, in a vicious cycle. True – but precisely because it's so circular, the blame should surely be spread more equally. When you have no real access to a candidate, gaffes – moments when the strictly controlled image-making falters – are all you've got left.

Oh, and reports about visits to hardware stores.

And there's only three more whole months of it left …


Read it at The Guardian:

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