Saturday, August 11, 2012

UK: Paul Ryan chosen as Romney's running mate

The Guardian

Mitt Romney announces Paul Ryan as running mate

Wisconsin congressman named as Romney's choice for vice-presidential candidate

Ryan's relative youth belies his influence within the congressional Republican party, as head of the influential Budget committee but also as the party's policy-maker advocating once unthinkable ideas such as converting government-funded healthcare known as Medicaid into a voucher-like system to slash costs.

The choice of Ryan, however, means Romney has spurned more attractive alternatives who would appeal to a wider pool of voters, such as the rising star of the Republican party, Marco Rubio of Florida, the more experienced Condoleeza Rice, or the robust New Jersey governor Chris Christie, another favourite of Republican grassroots.

Ryan's career is almost entirely within Washington DC and Capitol Hill, likely to subtract from Romney's claim that he represents an outsider's view of Washington and its politics.

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