Friday, August 3, 2012

Watch Mitt Romney support...Obama...?


Video: 2004 Mitt Romney Says It’s ‘Poppycock’ To Blame President For Job Market

by Tommy Christophe
 Progressive SuperPAC American Bridge has dug up some video of Republican presidential candidate and then-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, defending President George W. Bush‘s economic record in 2004, that’s spookily resonant to this year’s election. In the clip, Romney not only amusingly uses the word “poppycock” (one of the all-time underrated old man curse words and a delicious snack), he also urges voters not to blame the President for unforeseen catastrophes, and to ask “Do I stay with the president, who is rebuilding the economy, who is creating jobs, or do you want to stop mid-stream and find someone new?’”

In the video, Romney draws several eerie parallels to the current election. While President Obama took office in the middle of what some call an “economic 9/11,” Romney talked about a “perfect storm” that included the actual 9/11: (transcription by American Bridge)

For the rest of the story and a must-watch video:

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