Saturday, August 4, 2012

Israel: Mitt backtracks then backtracks again

The Jerusalem Post

Mitt Romney, Cultural Warrior

At a fundraising breakfast in Jerusalem on Monday, he pointed to differences in culture as a key factor in disparities between the booming economy in Israel and the struggling economy under the Palestinian Authority. Palestinian political advisor Saeb Erekat quickly labeled the remarks “racist.”

The campaign and candidate’s first response was to accuse the media of taking the comments out of context.

He told Fox News that he “did not speak about the Palestinian culture or the decisions made in their economy. That's an interesting topic that deserves scholarly analysis, but I actually didn't address that.”
He continued, “Certainly I don't intend to address that in my campaign. Instead, I will point out that the choices that a society makes has a profound impact on the economy and the vitality of that society."
Leaving aside whether he’s actually denying his denial in that last sentence, the first sentence only held for mere hours.

Less than one news cycle later, an op-ed under Romney’s name appeared on the National Review website title “Culture Does Matter.”

Read it at The JPost:

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