Sunday, August 5, 2012

UK: Week in review...what you missed....

The Guardian

AMC's week in review: the Mitt Romney tape-delayed edition

Romney's app soars, then crashes, and Elizabeth Warren scores a choice spot for the convention. Here's what you missed.

Sure, you know a lot about what happened this week, but do you know what matters? This week's list of what you Need to Know, tape-delayed edition.

Romney unveils world's least helpful smart phone app

On Tuesday, the Romney campaign put out an app whose sole stated purpose is to inform users of Romney's vice-presidential pick (rumored to be coming as soon as next week). For a brief moment, it crushed the official Obama app (released the same day), ranking 14th in sales to the Obama showing at 165. By Friday, the Romney app had fallen to 98 while the Obama app sailed to 27.
There's a good reason for this: the Romney app is almost completely useless.
The only real function of the app is as a tool for gathering the phone numbers and emails of and geographical data about supporters (and duty-bound journalists) that download the app, which automatically creates a for users (applying the term loosely) and then promises that they'll learn the VP selection "before the press and just about everyone else" (except the members of the press who have the app).

Read it at The Guardian:

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